Professional team of a photographer and pilot operating a UAV Photography DroneMany are unaware of the many things a drone can do. These unmanned machines are historically known as a tool used in military operations or a form of advertisement. Little do we know that drones can also be a source of entertainment. Drone combat provides a venue for people to engage in a friendly fight without directly inducing injury to one another. The Aerial Sports League already considers Drone Combat as a sporting event, one that is enjoyable and thrilling for both participants and spectators.

Participating in a drone combat is one of the most exhilarating things that you can do during your free time. If you want to experience the kind of adrenaline rush that only winning a drone combat can give, you can purchase your own drone at a very reasonable price from Space City Drones. Browse our online catalog today!

The Rules of Drone Combat

The rules applied in drone combat are very simple. The combat is held in a netted 30-by-30-feet, 25-feet tall arena or pit. Every drone participates in a combat with three points each. The number of rounds in each battle are not specified. Every time a drone touches the ground or gets entangled in the net of the arena and remains there, a point is deducted. If the two battling drones collide in midair and both fall to the ground, no point is deducted from any of the participants. A drone loses the combat if its number of points reaches zero.

Sounds easy right? So what do you need in order to win a drone combat? A battle drone kit and a quick reflex. (

Battle Drone Kit

Not all drones are built for fighting. You need to get yourself a battle drone kit that is designed to withstand attacks made by another drone. A kit is usually composed of an airframe, controllers for speed, motors, propellers and flight and power system. The airframe is usually made from military standard polymer which enables the drone to resist damages brought upon by its opponent. The durability of the drones are so high such that they pose more danger to the participants and spectators rather than to themselves. They come out of a battle with only a damaged propeller.

Fast Action and Quick Reflexes

If you want to win a drone combat, you need to act fast and work on your reflexes. You will be at the arena, in the middle of the action as you control your drone to battle its opponent. You need to duck and dodge out of harm’s way every time. When your drone hits the ground, you need to quickly come to your drone’s aid armed with pliers, spare propellers and zip ties. You only have approximately 90 seconds to mend your drone and send it back to the battlefield in time for the next round. Fixes normally involve replacement of a broken propeller. Zip ties can be used to instantly hold the frame together if needed.