Let me tell you a little bit about a start-up called Hypericon, that I founded with 2 of my best friends almost 20 years ago. Back then things where a little more simple, and technology as we know it today was still becoming a reality. Just think of a world where there is no Netflix, no Facebook and mobile phones, where the opposite of mobile, huge bricks with terrible battery life.

When we started this company we had an idea, firstly the idea to improve the world we live in, and secondly we wanted to make sure that we would become a huge IT Technology Firm, which is of course, easier said than done. Our first IT product was a simple tool that enabled users to download copies of their emails to their desktop and even print them, this was not available back in the nineties. It may come as a shock to you, but yes we really have developed that much in such a short amount of time.

Once we sold the script for that particular application to a little start up called Microsoft, we were able to hire our first executive staff. Actual staff, working in an actual office with our company name above the doorway. We could hardly believe it.
2 years later one of my business partners decided he had enough of working in the IT industry and staged a buyout, and I was fortunate enough to have the funds to buy him out.

digital-inclusionAnother 5 years later we were really onto something, having developed so many big tools for many of the United States biggest firms, we now had our first gigantic US Government contract. This was a huge deal for the company, and for me personally, I got to meet our state governor. Once we finally submitted the project, we were awarded a price for outstanding services to the government.

Today we are very proud to be the leading provider in all things IT technology. Yes this is a bold statement, but its these kind of bold statements that have gotten me and this company to where we are. I believe very deeply that inner motivation is what it takes to setup a company in this country and succeed.

A lot of our success comes from our outstanding IT Research wing, as we are one of the veteran businesses in the IT industry, we have always kept true to our mission of being a pioneer corporation. A corporation that treats its staff fairly and honourably, that pays fair wages and creates a place of work that staff wants to attend. This wasn’t cheap, nor was it easy, but with almost 20 years of hard work we have achieved an outstanding IT firm that stands out from all the other businesses out there.

In the future we hope to achieve even more greatness for our business, we want to grow to a total of over ten thousand employees. We also want to grow our employees with disabilities program, making sure that every workplace of ours is wheelchair accessible and disability friendly. We also want to help schools teach IT Technology to its students, no matter if we have to lend them one of our experts or help them finance some IT products to enable their students to achieve greatness.

We will also be launching the Hypericon Scholarship in the near future, enabling students with exceptional skills to be able to afford higher education. We want to do everything we can do to help the communities around our businesses, its very important to be integrated for a business of our size. And I think we are doing a good job at that.

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